Are you magic?

Have you ever met someone that you just automatically liked? I’m not talking about ‘more than friends’, I’m talking about admiring that person just by the way she/he is. These are the magic people, they can conquer anyone with their personality, so that’s the question: Are you magic? Can you make people feel good around you? Are you a nice person? Are you kind and helpful? Sometimes I see myself being so impatient with people… I’m not worried about making people like me and you shouldn’t either, but sometimes I wonder how is it that we never worry about being nice with other people, they’re not less important, they’re just like you and me: Human beings. We demand people to understand that we’re having a bad day, but we never want to understand the others. So here is my sugestion – Change your environment, whenever you get into a room your mood shows, so try to give your best, try to give some magic to the ones who don’t have it.




What comes to your mind when you read: “Go beyond”? What comes to mine is about overcoming ourselves. Take whatever you know and update it, take your skills and improve them. I see all the time people who are satisfied with their lives, they don’t think they need to reach a new level, understand, I’m not saying you need to live completely unhappy with your life, be grateful for what you have, you’ve worked hard for that, but don’t stop working hard to improve it. Don’t settle, it isn’t over, you’re able to do so much more! Our minds are creative, some people think they’re not the creative kind of person but everyone is. Every kind of creation is valid and if you think you’ve done enough for yourself, start doing something for the others, but don’t stop creating, don’t stop getting better and smarter, if your brain doesn’t stop untill you diem than keep using it. Go beyond the things you know, beyond who you are.

“Go beyond the limit you place on yourself
You’ll find the power’s all yours
Fly away, take control
Beyond the edge of mine will make you whole.”
Balligomingo – Beyond


Show me something new

I always loved new things, new places, new feelings, new everything. I want to take my work and use it to make something new, completely different, that’s why I love technology so much. People all over the world take their time to research for better ways to do something: Better ways to have electricity, better ways to build, to live. Are you seeking a better life? Sometimes we settle for what we got and forget that we still fight the rest of the world to live, we still destroy to be. Okay, I don’t live among the nature, eating, I don’t know, rocks, of course there’s a chain, you need to eat meat, you need a house… But did you know that people are developing new ways to live normally affecting less the place where we live? There was a time that new used to come to kill the natural and create artifficial, but today this is different. New is coming to try to bring back at least a part of what we lost, join this cause, whatever you do, even if you work at home, live respecting the environment, recycle, reuse, old things can be new.