Show me something new

I always loved new things, new places, new feelings, new everything. I want to take my work and use it to make something new, completely different, that’s why I love technology so much. People all over the world take their time to research for better ways to do something: Better ways to have electricity, better ways to build, to live. Are you seeking a better life? Sometimes we settle for what we got and forget that we still fight the rest of the world to live, we still destroy to be. Okay, I don’t live among the nature, eating, I don’t know, rocks, of course there’s a chain, you need to eat meat, you need a house… But did you know that people are developing new ways to live normally affecting less the place where we live? There was a time that new used to come to kill the natural and create artifficial, but today this is different. New is coming to try to bring back at least a part of what we lost, join this cause, whatever you do, even if you work at home, live respecting the environment, recycle, reuse, old things can be new.

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