What comes to your mind when you read: “Go beyond”? What comes to mine is about overcoming ourselves. Take whatever you know and update it, take your skills and improve them. I see all the time people who are satisfied with their lives, they don’t think they need to reach a new level, understand, I’m not saying you need to live completely unhappy with your life, be grateful for what you have, you’ve worked hard for that, but don’t stop working hard to improve it. Don’t settle, it isn’t over, you’re able to do so much more! Our minds are creative, some people think they’re not the creative kind of person but everyone is. Every kind of creation is valid and if you think you’ve done enough for yourself, start doing something for the others, but don’t stop creating, don’t stop getting better and smarter, if your brain doesn’t stop untill you diem than keep using it. Go beyond the things you know, beyond who you are.

“Go beyond the limit you place on yourself
You’ll find the power’s all yours
Fly away, take control
Beyond the edge of mine will make you whole.”
Balligomingo – Beyond

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