Are you magic?

Have you ever met someone that you just automatically liked? I’m not talking about ‘more than friends’, I’m talking about admiring that person just by the way she/he is. These are the magic people, they can conquer anyone with their personality, so that’s the question: Are you magic? Can you make people feel good around you? Are you a nice person? Are you kind and helpful? Sometimes I see myself being so impatient with people… I’m not worried about making people like me and you shouldn’t either, but sometimes I wonder how is it that we never worry about being nice with other people, they’re not less important, they’re just like you and me: Human beings. We demand people to understand that we’re having a bad day, but we never want to understand the others. So here is my sugestion – Change your environment, whenever you get into a room your mood shows, so try to give your best, try to give some magic to the ones who don’t have it.

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