Moving on

I’ve lived for a long time scared about everything, all because I was always protected. I had my ‘things’ told me to do, so I didn’t have to worry about deciding… After turning 20 years people started to get tired of me always insecure about my decisions, asking them what I should do, when and why, after all, I was way too old to be leaving my life in other people’s hands, and actions like that turned me into a victim, I decided, insecurely, and when things didn’t work suddenly the entire world was unfair to me.

You see, that can and will be called Lack of Maturity, I needed to start taking responsability for my own decisions, even if they would end up being mistakes. I needed to stop hiding behind my fear, saying that a good thing couldn’t happen to me just because people didn’t like me or the universe didn’t work on my favor, where’s the logic in that? I mean, of course I believe somethings happen and we can’t do anything about it, but mostly we can choose to succeed, we chose to be happy when we understand our time is different, sometimes I’m gonna make a mistake, sometimes I’m gonna stay at home on a friday night, sometimes no one will call me, but only because I don’t need what I think I need. Not because people don’t like me, or ’cause nothing works on my favor.

The fear goes away when I realize I’m happy on my own ’cause I chose to be, and how do I do that? By understanding my limits, embracing my life the way it is and working hard to conquer whatever I think is missing. And the most important rule: Understandind everything takes time, wheather it’s one day or one year. Life happens while we’re worrying about what everybody is thinking about us, while we’re afraid of trying and failling, while we’re trying to convince ourselves that great things can’t happen to us ’cause it’s way to good to be true, while we’re afraid of being behind our work colegues or classmates. Suddently we stop and realize it was all for nothing, ’cause everything turned out just fine.

So here is my message for you: You are gonna be OKAY! No matter what, just don’t give up.

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