Dreaming too hard

I’ve always been in a rush for everything, when I was 10 I wanted to be 15 already, finally turned 15 and I couldn’t wait for my 18’s and most of you will say that it is normal for a teenager to anticipate, but ’till I was 25 it lingered. This kind of person can have names like ‘dreamer’ and ‘ambicious’ and yes, I dream and I work hard to get there, but the low of being like this is that I rarelly enjoy my rewards.

I’m now 26 years old and recently graduated in Civil Engineering, well as you can guess, I’ve dreaming about college before getting in and dreaming about graduation before leaving, I spent 80% of my time there dreaming about working and getting married, having babies and everything, now I realize I’ve made few friends, most of my classmates I’ll probably never see again.

Why am I talking about this? ‘Cause we tend to think too much about the future and mostly about things we don’t even need now, I mean, did I need to marry while trying to get good grades in college? Did I need to worry about college while trying to finish school? No, I didn’t. I left moments and people behind. After graduating I felt this urge for traveling, getting to know other countries (I have to inform you here that I’ve never been out of Brazil) and right when I started worrying about starting a family I finally asked myself: Do I need that to travel all I want? No, I don’t. So the whole desperation suddently ended and I realized I have my own time just as you have yours too.

Maybe now you’re anticipating something for your life and didn’t even thing about it, didn’t try to understand if this is what you need now, ’cause of that you can be losing some great moments of your life, ’cause you wanna be with that person only you lose moments with others. I’m not saying we need to settle, not at all, but sometimes we need to stop focusing on what we don’t have and appreciate what we have.

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