Sometimes we become slaves of our own concerns, we’re always worried about something and 99% of those concerns are about people. What he thinks, what she will think of me, what are they gonna say, how are they gonna react, okay, we need to worry about hurting someone or doing something bad, but there’s a limit there, we stop being ourselves ’cause you can be too clumsy, too silly, too serious or too needy. Tell me, what is the problem with that?

Why do we worry about the way we are? There’s no pattern for a human being, society tries to create one and still they create hundreds of them, but sometimes you’re nothing like any one of those patterns and I don’t know why some people are ashamed of that as if it was wrong.

Patterns are to inspire, maybe to copy one or two thing, but never to be entirely! So there you are, thinking you’re free, when you’re actually not. How to know that you need to break free from these concerns? Are you trying to change something in you to look more like someone else? Are you hiding something or someone you like from your friends and family? Are you holding in your actions ’cause you think people are gonna see you as an imature or silly person?

Changes are welcome, but only to please yourself, okay, you fell better if you lose weight, than loose it, you wanna change anything for YOU and only you? Than do it! But if the motivation comes from others opinions, break free from that, actually be yourself, that’s when you’re better.

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