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Get there

Patience is something hard to exercise, we love conquering, we love that feeling of doing or having something we’ve been fighting to be able to do or to have. The thing is that sometimes we have to wait to get there and the waiting seems like a torture, it feels bad and disturbing, but have you ever wondered if the feeling of conquering would be so amazing if we didn’t have to fight and wait the right moment to conquer what we want?

Some people say that money isn’t happiness and I agree, ’cause it’s so easy, whatever you want you can get ’cause everything has a price. So imagine living without the feeling of conquering something after work so hard, do you remember the feeling? Let me help you out.

You feel amazing ’cause you made it, you were strong enough, smart enough, you had to go the hard way and it wasn’t enough to make you give up. So we need to stop hating the hard times and embrace them, ’cause these are the times that make us stronger, they bring more happiness to our life, after the storm is gone of course. So whatever you dream to acomplish but you have to work harder or wait, do it with a smile on your face, ’cause you need to remember you’ll get there eventually and today will be long gone.