So here I am, 2 months in after the graduation day. I’ve thought about so many different ways to go, even having this big dream for my life, there are these different ways to get there. After graduation the fear comes along, fear of not getting a job, of nor being able to do what you’ve studied 5 years for.

At last your fears are gone, you start on something, you get a job or you just start on your own, the last one being my situation right now. And then you start thinking about how blessed you are, yes, you made it, but also, somethings that led you to that job happened without your control, it makes you think about the ‘what if’s’ and get surprised with the many good things that happen.

After understanding that, you get more thankful for the good things that happen and start believing more in yourself, you think ‘hey, my hard work is paying off, ’cause good things are happening to me’. Those moments push us forward, to keep going, to not give up.

So if you’re stuck in some fase of your life, don’t worry, it means you just have to stop, think and plan, and of course, believe it’s just a fase, life can still surprise you.

Good luck! XX

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