We are human beings, we tend to have different personalities, different opinions and different perspectives, therefore, we’re never going to agree 100% to anybody at all. Still we’re used to show and recieve opinions as advices, but why do we rely so much on these advices?

I’m only 26 years old in this 4,5 billion years old planet, but lately I’ve noticed people don’t seem to want to get to know themselves anymore, they’re running around blind, not knowing if what they’re doing is right, if it’s gonna work, taken by insecurity.

This insecurity takes away our filter, that one thing that makes us question if that person is right about us. So you torture yourself ’cause somebody said you’re wrong in some situation, but you don’t even know yourself enough to know for sure it’s true. Understand some of our closest friends don’t know ourselves that well.

Careful with what you let people believe in, maybe you’re not what they say you are, and all you have to do is this: Get to know yourself and don’t worry about appearances.