Recently I’ve read about resilience, it’s true meaning, and I stopped to think deeply and ask myself this question: Am I a resilient person? Reading about the chacteristics of a resilient person I realized I’m not.

If you google ‘resilience’, you’ll find this: “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” but it’s more than that, and opening other links about self knowledge I found other infos about it. It’s not enough to just go through the difficulties, anyone can do that, we suffer, we cry, then we recover, that’s not sheer resilience.

I’ve read about the qualities of a resilient person and it talks about optimism, patience and calm, someone that focus on the solution from the begining. Basicly it takes being aware of the fact that one cannot waste time worrying, it takes facing the problems from their very first minute with optimism. Reading about it made me remember everytime I snaped over a problem, everytime I cried and freaked out instead of thinking about solutions.

I started questioning myself about it, why am I like this? Why do I get stressed with the littlest problem? Resilience, I need it, we all do… Sometimes we feel like such warriors ’cause we’ve been through so much, but have you ever stopped to observe yourself, or your acts? Have you ever tried to understand them and maybe change what needs to be changed?

Known as self knowledge, this attribute can help you with relationships on the outside. Experts on the matter say that in order to make good connections we need to know ouselves and the resilience is a quality that tends to make a whole life much easier.
So I dare you to question yourself about it, to discover who you are, change what you want to change, and embrace and love what is part of you, good or bad.

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