People talk about changes all the time. If you’re not happy, change, if you want to be a better person, change.  What people don’t talk about, is how hard it is to change, they make it look so easy and we frustrate ourselves ’cause it feels like we’re so beneath everybody else that we can’t even change our lives.

Wait, changing a life is hard and it is to everyone! If you strugle to be a better person, you’re just human and not even for a second beneath anyone. And who said it should be easy? Who said we could stop doing something we don’t even notice we do in a heartbeat?

That’s what we see today, people believing they’re bad ’cause they’re human. So here’s my proposal: Change, there’s nothing wrong about it, but change slowly, be patient, forgive yourself and believe that today you’re better than yesterday, and tomorrow you’ll be better than today. Be kind to yourself, the world is already filled with bad feelings.